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DC Comics Spring Slate Features a New Universe and New Characters

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The future of DC Comics looks promising

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the upcoming spring slate of DC Comics! Without a doubt, DC has had an amazing year on the comics side of things, adding new characters and new storylines that did so well for their mythos. The most memorable moments are Jonathan Kent as Superman and the Justice League being trapped in their own “perfect universe.” Now that the Dark Crisis Event is over and the new year has started, here are the upcoming adventures I am most excited for.

As we know, a lot has changed since the Dark Crisis. The two most important things are; no more Justice League and the young generation is the new wave. In that light, the Titans, led by Nightwing, will be the main superhero team of the DC universe. Now, DC will still have their regular Green Lanterns, Green Arrow, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Doom Patrol, Human Target, and Powergirl. Only this time, they have either brought back characters or added a new set of characters which will add a whole new perspective on the DC universe.

He’s back!

One of the characters coming back is Superboy in Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow. This is not the Jonathan Kent storyline but the Conner Kent storyline. In this new story, Conner decides to leave Earth after not feeling connected to either the younger superheroes or the Superman family. He leaves Earth in hopes of making it on his own, which leaves readers wondering what the outreaches of space will have in store for him. The first issue is scheduled to come out on May 23rd.

Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #1 by Jahnoy Lindsay
Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #1 (DC Comics 2023)

Another character that is in the limelight is Peacemaker. After the success of James Gunn’s newest HBO Max show, DC comics decided to bring back Christopher Smith under the Black Label, which is incredibly smart. The show’s rawness will be captured in the comic without the story being ripped off. The story involves Peacemaker’s dog being kidnapped by a supervillain. Chris will go to great violent lengths to get his beloved pup back. Who, what, and why will be answered in Peacemaker issue one. The first issue is scheduled to be released on May 2nd.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #1 Cover C Kris Anka Movie Poster Variant
Peacemaker Tries Hard #1 (DC Comics 2023)

We Are Legends initiative creating buzz

The newest characters added to the DC roster are by far some of the most exciting news to come from DC Comics. They are a part of the We Are Legends initiative, which happens to be a new celebration for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month. These characters were introduced through either the Dark Crisis or Lazarus event. The title generating a lot of buzz is City Boy issue one. Cameron Kim has the rare superpower to communicate with cities, and in this six-issue series, he will be journeying through DC’s most iconic locations. In previous comics, Kim has already befriended Gotham City (in the form of a rat made out of trash). Which cities will be up next? We are left to wonder. City Boy #1 is scheduled to come out on May 23rd.

City Boy #1 cover A by Jung Gho
City Boy #1 (DC Comics 2023)

Who are The Envoy and Vigil?

Another comic a part of the We Are Legends initiative is Spirit World issue one. It focuses on Xianthe (The Envoy) as she fights her way through the evil of the DC spirit world. The preview doesn’t give too much away other than it will involve Cassie Kane, Constantine, vampires, and beautiful magic based on an old Chinese custom. The preview was not enough! The first issue is scheduled to come out on May 9th.

The last comic to be coming out for the new We Are Legends initiative will be Vigil issue #1. It involves a group of metahumans who have no desire to have powers but have, nevertheless, decided to use them for good. They operate covertly and in the shadows. Their mission is to stop weaponized technology and continue working in the shadows, which may cause issues or blessings for other superheroes in the DC universe! The first issue for Vigil is scheduled to be released on April 23rd.

In the end, it will be a good season for comics. As a comic reader, I am excited for the new characters and new stories coming out. It’s been a crazy couple of years for comics, and things seem to be changing for the better. DC seems to be embracing new development and understanding growth while not getting rid of the older heroes. DC fans can rejoice and look forward to the upcoming comics.

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