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My Adventures with Superman Teaser Review

I know I am late to the party, but I am happy to report that I have finally seen the first My Adventures with Superman teaser. A new animation series from DC that I have been personally waiting for at least a year to see. I remember seeing the animators of the show post developments on Twitter. We will talk about what we saw in the teaser, but let’s go over this new Superman story and what the project is.

The narrative features an adult series where a young Clark begins working at the Daily Planet and starts his double life as Superman. The story will also focus on Lois and Clark’s relationship and friendship with Jimmy Olsen. The designs are beautiful. Many people have been comparing the art to the Invincible animation series. I don’t think it will be as dark, but in terms of cartoon design, I do see the comparison.

Let’s get into the teaser!

The teaser opens with a red blur zooming through the streets of Metropolis. Then, we see Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane trying to get innocent bystanders away from the destruction of a building that is taking place. Superman flies in and begins to fight the criminal causing the damage. Our boy scout then casually checks in with Lois Lane, asking, “Are you okay?”. Lois replies, “I am now.” Then it cuts where we see Clark Kent running on a rooftop, ripping his shirt and exposing the iconic S symbol. It was such a short teaser, but seeing any iteration of Clark and Lois makes me happy.

My Adventures with Superman Official Teaser – Adult Swim

Originally this show was supposed to come to HBO Max as an original series, but after the layoffs in animation occurred last summer, I was not sure what would occur with this show. That is, until a few weeks ago when it was announced they had moved it to Adult Swim with it possibly streaming on HBO MAX. Either way, no matter where it’s at, you bet I will be watching it on its premiere date.

This series will star Jack Quaid (The Boys, Star Trek: Lower Decks) as Superman and Alice Lee (Brittany Runs a Mile) as Lois Lane. The series is scheduled to come out soon, with a date to be determined. Once we get more released, we will keep you posted! Now that I have seen the teaser, I must ask, what is in store for us with this new Superman series?

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