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Simulation Theory #1 Review

simulation theory #1 curt pires comixology

With ‘Simulation Theory’ Curt Pires and company deliver a relevant and all-too-close to reality sci-fi thrill ride.

“I believe that the metaverse is the next chapter of the internet. Just like we had the mobile internet, I think this is going to be the successor to that.” A quote from some weird guy.

simulation theory #1 curt pires comixology


Imagine a life where you can look exactly like you want to look, live exactly the way you want to live in exactly the home you would want to live in, and have everything you’ve ever dreamed of. No matter how odd, obscure, or taboo, imagine a life where anything is possible. Enter Nu Life.

simulation theory #1 curt pires comixology

The catch? Because there’s always a catch. Our lives seem to revolve around the fine print. But hey, Nu Life has options. They even have payment plans!

One: Pay Nu Life INC. a (small) one-time fee of $2,000,000 per person. Don’t forget to inquire about those payment plans. Or! Liquidate all your assets by transferring ownership to Nu Life INC. in lieu of a one-time payment fee.

Two: Transconcious migration. Huh? Trans… concious mi… what?! Apparently, Nu Life will transfer your mind and consciousness into the metaverse and into the avatar of your choosing.

Three: Now this is the easy one. Live forever!

Oh, and more fine print. The participant’s bodies will be stored in cold storage for a one-time period of 10 whole years in a state-of-the-art Nu Life facility. You can even purchase additional years at yet another small fee of only $1,000,000 USD per year! Honestly though, who reads all this fine print anyway?


It seems that the weird people in power are not only banking on yet another lucrative idea, they’re also taking advantage of us common folk. You know, those of us living in a reality the weird people wouldn’t dare spend one day in, let alone a lifetime.

Such is the case for our protagonist, Ash. Like most of us at some point in our lives, she finds herself being chased by her demons instead of chasing her dreams. Alcohol and gambling can have that effect on some people. Until one day opportunity presents itself. And sometimes opportunity has the friendliest and most tempting of faces.

Meet Henry. Ash’s ex-battle buddy, ex-lover, and current opportunity at a new life. A Nu Life. See, Henry works for those weird power people now. And like Henry, if you were to see someone that you truly care about suffering through a difficult time in their life—wouldn’t you offer what you could, to see them happy? I know I would. So Henry does, and Ash accepts. And off to the long nap she goes.

simulation theory #1 curt pires comixology

Can you blame her though? Who wouldn’t consider leaving behind their less-than-ideal life for a chance to have everything they’ve ever wanted? Wouldn’t you? Be honest.

And what a dream come true it is! But like most things, this dream came with fine print. Fine print that even Henry wasn’t aware of. So now once again, Ash finds herself in yet another less-than-ideal situation, and Henry, well…

At least he was able to leave Ash with some details though. As random as they were, every little bit helps right? Find Solidad. Trust no one. And take this strange glowing box to Neo Angeles.


What the fuck is right.

What makes Simulation Theory so intriguing, at least for me, is the fact that this concept really isn’t that far-fetched. Our society is on the brink of this kind of technology. So close that, like Ash, we could literally wake up one day and there it is. And when we do? What choice would you make?

But until that day comes, I’m going to live vicariously through Ash. Not that I wouldn’t love to have every one of my dreams and desires within my grasp, but I never was one to read the fine print. That, and I’d much rather leave the drama to the storytellers and keep it out of my life.

With all that said, Curt Pires has crafted a story that has left me wanting more. Much more! Compliment said story with the compelling art of Darryl Knickrehm topped off with Mark Dale’s vibrant colors and Micah Myers’ lettering, and it’s quite possible that, much like myself and Ash, you too will conclude this premiere issue of Simulation Theory in a perplexed state of what… the…

Editor’s note: Simulation Theory #1 is available now from ComiXology. If you’d like to get to know Curt, Mark and Micah a little better, then check out our interview with them below about their book It’s Only Teenage Wasteland (TPB out August 8th from Dark Horse Comics)!

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