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‘Superman: Legacy’ Officially Casts Its Superman & Lois Lane

James Gunn confirms David Corenswet & Rachel Brosnahan join the cast of ‘Superman: Legacy’!

Superman: Legacy David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan

There’s a meme that I’ve seen floating around the internet, panels from Watchmen featuring Dr. Manhattan on the moon. With the recent casting speculation for Superman: Legacy, I feel like I’m living this meme. It’s 2005. I’m 31 years old. They have just announced casting for a new Superman movie. It’s 2012. I’m 38 years old. They have just announced casting for a new Superman movie. It’s 2023. I’m 48 years old. They have just announced casting for a new Superman movie.

Earlier this year it was first reported that a group of actors has been placed on a shortlist to portray Superman and Lois Lane in James Gunn’s eagerly awaited DC movie universe reboot, Superman: Legacy. Names such as Nicholas Hoult, Emma Mackey, Jacob Elordi and Samara Weaving began trickling onto the internet as casting rumors ramped up.

On June 27th, social media exploded with news that David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan had been cast as Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane, respectively, in Superman: Legacy. James Gunn himself confirmed the news, making it official. The cycle begins anew.

Whenever news like this drops, the geek world, especially on social media, goes a little, well, insane. Everyone, it seems, has an opinion on who should play the part of their favorite superhero. With Superman being not only the biggest of all heroes but also the character that will kick off Gunn’s rebooted DC movie universe, the reactions were swift.

Surprisingly, the news was met with mostly positive reactions. Corenswet and Brosnahan look like their respective characters they will be portraying, not that that should matter. I lived through the Michael Keaton and Heath Ledger casting controversies, so we should have learned by now to wait for the actual performance before making any judgments. Notice I said “should have”.

Rachel Brosnahan set to play Daily Planet reporter and love interest to David Corenswet’s Man of Steel.

As a fan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel I have to say that I’m pleased with the choice of Brosnahan for Lois. Looks aside, she’s a gifted actress who can project intelligence, grit, humor and compassion, all aspects that the character of Lois Lane should possess. More importantly, while being obviously attractive, I can envision her as an experienced, award winning journalist, something Kate Bosworth never sold me on in Superman Returns. When the list of Lois candidates was announced, she was my top choice and I’m pleased she won the part.

Superman: Legacy Rachel Brosnahan

As for the Big Blue Boy Scout, I have to be totally honest and confess I’ve never seen any project that Corenswet has starred in. From what I’ve read, he’s been good in the films and shows in which he’s appeared. He’s American, so a certain faction of the internet won’t be able to complain about another Brit playing a superhero. He looks like Supes, so…great.

Superman: Legacy David Corenswet

Honestly, as I said before, looking like the character should never be a deal breaker. Can Corenswet project Superman’s compassion, his bravery? Can he play the duality of Clark Kent and Kal-El? Basically, can he make us believe a man can fly?

As an old head, I’ll always judge my Superman actors against Christopher Reeve. But I also know that his interpretation of the character is not the only interpretation of the character. I want to be wowed again, be amazed again, be invested in the character and world of Superman again.

Will ‘Superman: Legacy’ fly high?

Is it unfair to put all of that on David Corenswet’s shoulders? Sure it is. James Gunn has to write a great script and direct the hell out of the movie. The special effects need to look amazing. There are millions of moving parts that have to align to make a movie memorable. But at the center of any Superman movie will be the relationship between Lois and Clark. Get that wrong and you’re already losing the (never ending) battle. As a DC fan looking forward to a fresh start, I’m cautiously optimistic with these announcements and hoping for the best. And remember, that “S” on Supes’ chest—means hope.

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