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The Flash Trailer 2 Reaction

the flash trailer 2 reaction

You didn’t think we’d let it pass without hitting you with The Flash trailer 2 reaction did you?

Holy Batman, Flash! What a trailer! As The Flash (directed by Andy Muschietti) release day gets closer, the more excited I am for this movie. Especially since the trailers for the Scarlet Speedster’s solo film just keep getting better. The DCU has had some moderate success, and recently the trailers they have dropped have exceeded expectations. Blue Beetle I’m looking at you. Some of you know I am a huge Flash fan and have been waiting for this movie for quite some time. The newest trailer (which you can watch below) dropped recently, and it holds the bright promise of the DCU’s rebirth.

The 2nd trailer clues us in to the film being inspired by one of the most iconic Flash arcs—Flashpoint by Geoff Johns. Which is a grand idea. This movie will reset the timeline as the comic book did for DC, setting up a new wave of films for the upcoming years. The story follows Barry Allen in a desperate attempt to prevent his mom from getting murdered and dad being wrongfully accused. Barry decides to run back in time to do so. He saves his parents but also fractures the timelines changing the entire world as he knows it. This creates two versions of Barry Allen, one who has yellow lightning and the other who has blue. From previous DCU films Barry’s lightning has been blue. But the Barry we follow in the trailer has yellow lightning. So it begs the question: which Barry will be the main character?

In the trailer, we can see that Zod, played by the great Michael Shannon, is alive. It looks like he is invading Earth the same way he did during Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Only this time the world doesn’t have Superman to stop him. The world has Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle, who certainly looks to be a scene stealer. Sasha Calle brings the famous House of El pride with her heroism and stoic look, similar to that of her on-screen cousin Kal-El, played of course by Henry Cavill. We still don’t have the full plot worked out besides the fact that she will team up with the Flash to stop Zod alongside Batman.

the flash trailer 2 reaction
Cousins indeed. The House of El pride shines.

Let’s address the elephant in the room; yes, that was Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne! I never thought I would see him in a DC film again. But there he is, most likely donning the cape and cowl for the last time. Yes, that means at the bare minimum we are getting two versions of Batman in the movie, the other being the legendary Michael Keaton. This trailer highlights Batman’s action scenes while free falling, escaping destruction on the Batcycle and using his cape to deflect bullets. It certainly looks like Andy Muschietti has captured the essence of Batman perfectly.

Two Batman’s in one film? This will undoubtedly be one of the best cbm’s ever right?!

The Flash movie appears to be a love letter to the DC mythos and it has me excited to see it. After years of waiting for this film we are so close to the finish line! And by the looks of it there will be something for old DC fans and new DC fans alike. Flash fans can rejoice and wait eagerly for this new extension of the DCU. The Flash is scheduled for June 16th release date.

Want more info on the future of James Gunn’s DCU? You can check out The House of Nerd Show’s coverage here for all the goods! Let us know in the comments what your The Flash trailer 2 reaction is!

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