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The Nasty #2 Advance Review

the nasty #2 vault comics

It’s not too late to join ‘The Murder Club’ in John Lees & Vault Comics’ early contender for horror comic book of the year—The Nasty.

“You better not be watching more grotty shite in there,” Graeme’s mother screams. And speaking of grotty shite, let us have a moment of silence to really let this title sink in – The Nasty #2.

Now if you’re like me, it didn’t take long. If you haven’t gotten it yet, just wait for it…

the nasty #2 vault comics

Like some rage-shitting lightbulb, there it is! Perhaps we’re on the same page now. If not, just wait for it…

So, if The Nasty #2 (Vault Comics) is your entry into the series, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of the super hot debut issue to truly appreciate all the horrific glory that you’ve missed. Otherwise, let us pick up where we left off.

The Opening Scene

Locked away in his room, alone-ish, we find Graeme toiling away with a somewhat destroyed videocassette in hand. This isn’t just any videocassette though. This is “House of Creeping Flesh”, a film with such a cursed history that bad things are said to happen once people watch it. And let’s not forget his increasingly concerned mother knocking at his door. No matter the cost though, Graeme’s determined to find a way to save the beloved, but financially depleting, Monster-Dome Video! Then he just has to convince his group of horror fanatic friends, The Murder Club, that his plan will work. After all, the answer’s got to be right there in front of him. Right there on that staticky screen. Right?

The Plot

Plan? Check. All he has to do is reshoot “House of Creeping Flesh”—in his own fashion. Should be easy enough. After all, it’s the rarest of the “video nasties”, a collection of banned movies deemed a blight to society by the British Moral Decency League. So rare, that no one even knows the plot!

Murder Club convinced, and checklist in hand, Graeme’s finally on his way. Now all he needs is a script, actors, cameras and equipment, a shooting location, sets, costumes, special effects, and a hook. You know, the basics. While everything seems to be going according to plan, you can’t help but begin to wonder. Is it really going to be this easy? Probably not. Then where’s the plot twist? Just wait for it…

Then, it finally happens. That thing you probably didn’t see coming. That hook they need to be able to pull this whole thing off. What is it you ask? Surely, you know what I’m about to say by now.

As we praise this cult classic in the making, let’s not forget to pay our respects to the masterminds creating it. The trio of (W) John Lees, (A) George Kambadais and (L) Jim Campbell, have tapped into something that all horror fans will appreciate. That special something that combines the precise amount of comedy, gore and suspense that has laid the groundwork for horror as we know it. I’d like to think that I speak for all horror fans as I express my gratitude. It’s pain-stakingly obvious that this creative team holds nothing back.

The Ending Credits

Comics are as much of a visual medium as they are literary. They give us stories that set our imaginations free with art that captivates us. When both are on point, they stab into our hearts and minds like some slasher from a cheesy movie. All puns intended.

Now as these credits come to a close, I have to ask. Did you miss your chance to get a copy of The Nasty #1? If so, you’re in luck! Monday April 10th there’ll be an FOC double feature. Alongside your orders for The Nasty #2 will also be your opportunity for the reprinting of issue #1. So, don’t delay! Get to your LCS today! And don’t forget, tell them The House of Nerd Show sent ya.

Oh, and another thing. As for those Easter eggs I’ve hidden throughout my preview, they’ll all make sense soon enough. Besides, May 10 isn’t that far away. So just wait for it…

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