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The Seasons Have Teeth #1 Review

Spring is Coming

Sorry, I had to. If you could only hear me laughing right now, and trust me, I am. I crack myself up. A lot. Ok, so now that I’ve got that out of my system. In a world where the seasons are as alive as you and me, seriously…

Spring. Is. Coming.

When Seasons Change

To everything, there is a season. Tragedy, though, can change us. Despite our best efforts to avoid it at all costs, tragedy always strikes when we least expect it. But then again, we never actually know when to expect it. Regardless of age, race, religion, gender, stature, or any of the many labels we try to define ourselves with, it does not discriminate. We are all equal in its profound eyes. Such is the case of our protagonist, Andrew Bates.

Once the epitome of an arrogant and vibrant youth, Andrew had big plans. Sort of. At least, that’s what he wanted Cindy, his muse, to believe. Deep down, he also wanted to believe it himself. When we’re young, we never really have it all figured out, though. And what we may lack in actual planning, we sometimes make up for with yearning desires. Yet, for Andrew, tragedy has struck. It stole his Cindy, and left him with nothing but a relentless desire for redemption. Oh, and his camera. He’s a photographer, and a damn good one at that!

Beasts of Burden

We never mean to become the beast that tragedy makes us. Then one day, we look that beast in the face, and see ourselves for who we are, for what we’ve become. That’s when we realize that we deserve better. And like Andrew, as we grudgingly make our way out of the gloom and the gray, we may even find ourselves with the opportunity to lend a hand to some arrogant youths that seem to remind us a lot of who we once were. Then finally, after that long, exhausting journey, we rest. Not that we want to, but that we need to, because it’s becoming that time again. That time to change. For every season gets its turn. Even the living ones.

Symbolism runs free, and this premiere issue of The Seasons Have Teeth takes every liberty of that. From the gloomy colors surrounding Andrew to the vibrant colors of Spring to the way the pavilion Andrew and Cindy shared comes crashing down on him. Perception is key here, and you will perceive what you allow yourself to see. I won’t muddy your thoughts with every detail I interpreted because I feel this experience is best had individually at first. However, I will tell you that, without a doubt, this is one experience that you don’t want to miss. Every panel, word, and aspect of this story showcases the creative hearts and talents of the team behind it.

Now that Spring has sprung, Summer is sure to follow. So, preparations must be made.

BOOM! Studios‘ The Seasons Have Teeth#1 by (W) Dan Watters (Home Sick Pilots), (A) Sebastián Cabrol (Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts), (C) Dan Jackson, and (L) Nate Piekos of Blambot is out today!

The Seasons Have Teeth #1 – Variant Cover by Duncan Fegredo
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