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Ty’s Tidbits: Comic Book Conventions

shot of the busy crowd at a comic convention


Hey all! I’m Ty, and the comic book conventions topic will be touched-on shortly. I am hopeful that this segment, called Ty’s TidBits, will be an informative and fun ongoing article for The House of Nerd Show. Ty’s TidBits will cover as much nerd content as possible and will do its best to introduce you to seeing parts of nerdom from different perspectives. The goal with this article is to create conversation, as well as the potential need to be involved or more involved within different areas of nerdom. 

I would love to introduce myself. My name is Tyler, but I go by Ty. I am a nerd in my thirties who grew up with everything nerdy in the late 1980s, 1990s, and to this day, I enjoy all the amazing nerd content that’s out there. I have a great interest in comic books but I’m always interested in any portion of nerdom as I thoroughly enjoy sharing the enthusiasm, excitement and wonder that other nerds are experiencing. With that, I also had every figurine or action figure known to mankind in my younger years, so I started collecting at a young age! I now collect comic books and enjoy watching my daughters find new ways to celebrate being a nerd. It’s been a fun experience thus far!

Comic Con season is upon us!

Comic book conventions are getting more and more popular as the years roll on. I love to see all different types of nerds pack a convention, as it gives me a feeling of wholesomeness in one way or another. Knowing that, there are huge comic book gatherings in the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), New York Comic-Con (NYCC), and Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) but I would love to see local conventions packed to capacity as well.

To be able to enjoy or even attend any comic book assembly, you must know that the utmost amount of respect needs to be shown to all attendees. You can choose to cosplay your favorite character at the con or simply dress in your most comfortable and breathable clothes. Being a con-goer myself for years, I can honestly say that what stood out to me the most in my first few larger conventions was that there was something there for everyone. Whether you’re a hardcore manga or anime fan, or just enjoy collecting trading cards, there’s a seller or booth at the con for you! 

Attendees having some fun cosplaying at a comic book convention (NYCC) including Deadpool
Deadpool in action! Cosplay action is part of the fun at comic conventions. (NYCC)

One of the main reasons I didn’t go to any comic book gatherings of any kind in my younger years was because I did not enjoy cramped spaces. For example, larger conventions such as the New York Comic-Con and the San Diego Comic-Con always have their respective locations packed full of people from all over. Where I ended up finding more calm and less anxiety in addressing small spaces was as simple as taking time away from crowds to calm down and/or rest. I found that letting my body recoup from the stress of the crowds and meeting creators really relieved me from the mental toll comic-cons can place on one individual.

Now that it’s convention season in 2023, it’s time for you to take a chance, stick your neck out, and attend one of the many positive cons that can be found in the most convenient place(s) for you. Each and every gathering is unique and provides quite a bit of content for any nerd to enjoy while they are there. When you have movies, shows, and books that have created a cult following over the years, like Spaceballs for example, each fan needs a place to let their nerd flag fly high and proud at a convention that you’ll enjoy and remember for years to come!

comic book convention cosplaying as Spaceball characters
Did someone say Spaceballs?

Just remember that there are others like you and they may be even newer to the convention scene, so the coolest thing to do is to treat them how you would have loved to be treated when you were in their place. I encourage you to wear the shoes of those you interact with. Be respectful and enjoy the environment that accepts any nerds for who they are and what they love! On that note, I challenge you to go to a convention you’ve never been to before, and while you’re there, find reasons to love the decision that was made. Don’t worry about the negatives. Just take it all in and see how happy you’ll become. Be a part of why cons are fun to attend and I hope to see you at a convention this year–in cosplay or not!

Ty Whitton

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