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We get NASTY with Vault Comics’ ‘The Nasty’ creators!

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The Nasty and nerds…what more could you want?!

Writer John Lees and artist Adam Cahoon, along with colourist Kurt Michael Russell stopped by The House to talk about their work on Vault Comics’ The Nasty! Shenanigans were had. It was an absolute blast getting to hang with these creators. But don’t just take my word for it…

Shenanigans folks.

The House of Nerd Show original, “What Kind of Nerd Are You?”, made its triumphant return during the episode. There were lots of laughs as we attempted to dive into the psyche of these fantastic creators.

To play along, tune into Episode 108 below!

The Nasty. Early 90s Scotland. About a group of horror-loving afficionados—The Murder Club. Their beloved VHS rental store is on the brink of closure so they set out to host the best horror fest the UK has ever seen. Their secret weapon…the most notorious and elusive “video nasty”. “Video nasties”, films so scary, they’re the target of the British Moral Decency League’s crusade to ban and burn. Featuring a healthy dose of humour and charm and a twist that will have you dying for more! Vault Comics’ The Nasty #2 is available now!

Still on the fence? Well how about a spoiler-free review of issue #2!

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