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Welcome to The House of Nerd Show!

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We did it baby! We’re live!

Welcome to The House of Nerd Show…
♫ “It was all a dream, I used to read Wizard Magazine, Supes ‘n Spidey and Wolverine up in the comic scene…” ♫

Comic books and superheroes have been a mainstay in my life since before Biggie spit his famous bars in Juicy. I grew up with a love of all things nerd. From The Flash to The Goonies. From The X-Men to The Ghostbusters and all the nerd sh*t in between. The House of Nerd Show was born out of a desire to share and talk about our common passions. It started with the YouTube channel and now less than 2 years later, the HoN website is up and running! From it’s very early stages I knew, this is where I wanted The House of Nerd Show to head to.

And we’re Just. Getting. Started.

The hope is that this House will become the place where all you fine folks come to get your comic book reviews, nerd news and of course…shenanigans! If you’re at all familiar with The Show, you know we like to have fun!

I’m super excited to have a stellar cast of fellow nerds wanting to share their passions with us and contribute to the growth of this amazing community. Thank you to Co-Editor In Chief Oscar Osorio, who’s riding with me at the top of this bad boy. And a special thank you to the comics community who has supported The House of Nerd Show from the beginning. You all have been an integral part of this journey and I appreciate each and every one of you! Cheers!

– Sergio Gonzalez
Co-Editor In Chief

A selection of the very few books I managed to hold on to from my childhood

Time to pass the baton to the main man Oscar who I’m sure has a few words of his own…

Thank you, Sergio!

I started reading comics more than ten years ago. I started writing about comics five years ago. Three or so years ago, I started getting my first reactions from the community, even pros, who liked my work. By then, I knew I would work in the industry someday. It was my passion. Starting this year, after working in corporate, I decided to get into comic book-related work full-time. My goal is to become a writer, and the path toward my goal is creating content and getting my name out there in the community and among creators.

Having gained experience by writing reviews and articles for the past two years, creating this website was the next step to reaching my goals. Because although I need to treat my passion as a career, as I don’t want to starve to death, it is still my passion. I want to show other people that it is possible to accomplish your dreams. And my goal is to spread my love for comic books to the world, bringing a fresh perspective from Peru.

From the start of this project, I discovered many people like me that want to get their voices out there, and the opportunity to work with them is a pleasure. Growing up in Peru, making a name for myself in the American comic book scene looked far, far away. But to my younger self, I say: look at us now, creating nerdverse content and working with incredible people to build and grow a community of passionate friends. That’s all I ever wanted. That, and winnning an Eisner. And stop using humor in emotional situations. We are getting there.

In all seriousness, thank you all for allowing me to dream. I will give you my best effort to ensure we create content that entertains, informs, and makes you think. Content that helps everyone to share different perspectives, especially those who have been overlooked in the industry. Content you won’t see anywhere else.

Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to The House of Nerd Show!

    1. I love that X-Men short box! I bought it off a vendor at a mini comic-con. It wasn’t for sale but I had to have it lol. The Jim Lee X-Men #1 it’s based on was one of, if not, the first comic I remember owning. Iconic. I wish I had held on to more of the comics I owned as as a child. I’d be a semi-rich man lol

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